Being involved in a road accident is a very stressful situation and often victims are confused and in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals use these circumstances to prey upon victims, either at the accident scene or in hospital, for their own benefit.

What is a tout?

A tout is someone who illegally elicits information from road accident victims without their knowledge or consent. Touting is prohibited in South Africa and neither lawyers nor representatives from law firms are allowed to approach potential clients directly for work.

You can be certain that anyone approaching you directly and offering to claim for you to the Road Accident Fund (RAF) is unethical and untrustworthy.

Where does touting take place?

Touting commonly occurs in hospitals. Road accident victims or their families are approached and offered claims of securing large amounts of money for their injuries and suffering.

It has also been reported that touts are able to illegally gain access to accident report details from corrupt South African Police Services (SAPS) officials, which they then use to visit accident victims in poor communities and convince them to lodge RAF claims through them. The fraud usually includes fake medical reports and then the completed claim documents are sold to exploitative lawyers.

Don’t become a victim

Road accident victims must be cautious when approached by anyone offering to lodge a claim on their behalf. Never engage or divulge any details to strangers, either at the accident scene or in the hospital. There have been reports of first responders to an accident scene, such as tow-truck drivers, private ambulance personnel and police officers, being involved in the fleecing of information and subsequent fraud.

Anyone who approaches you directly and offers legal help, is operating illegally.

Contact an experienced, reputable law firm for help with your RAF claim

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